Bailey Davis Auctions & Real Estate Co.

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Registration and Terms

Welcome, we are glad to have you and hope you enjoy the auction.                                                                                                                              

Registering to bid is free.

There is NO buyer's premium in effect.

Announcements day of sale take precedence.

Caveat Emptor or "buyer beware", all items are sold "AS-IS", "WHERE-IS" without any expressed or implied warranties.  Antiques are old, they  have been used and may have nicks, chips, or scratches.  Therefore, you should attend the preview of the items to be auctioned the day prior to the auction.  If you can't make it the day before, arrive at least an hour before the auction is scheduled to begin. Previewing an item prior to the auction will allow you to see what condition the item is in before you bid. 

Register for a bid number as soon as you arrive.  If you wait until an item is on the auction block to register, by the time you finish registering, the item you want will have been sold.  Registering for a bid number places you under no obligation to buy and there is no cost to register, so you might as well register and be prepared to bid.  You must have a bid number in order for your bid to be recognized by the auctioneer.  Also, most auction houses require a valid driver's license to register for a bid number, so don't forget to bring the proper i.d. required.

Larger items are sometimes sold where they are in the room.  An armoire, for example, may not be brought up to the auction block to be auctioned. The auctioneer will direct the participant's attention to the item being auctioned.  If you are unsure what is being auctioned - don't bid - ask.

Pay attention to what the auctioneers says before bidding begins on a particular item. * One of our biggest misunderstandings* When multiple items are being auctioned at the same time they are sometimes sold for an individual price.  The auctioneer will say the item will be sold times however many items they are.  For example, a set of 8 dining room chairs may be auctioned times 8. This would mean whatever price the auctioneer is calling will be multiplied times 8 to get the total sale price for the set.  If bid price is $100, Bailey will usually say times the money so the price for the set is $800.00 etc.

You take possession of and are responsible for the items you purchase when  auctioneer says sold and acknowledges you as being the high bidder.

We do accept payment during the auction.
When you pay, you will be given a ticket stub or receipt for the items you've paid for.  This receipt must be given to an auction employee.  The auction employee will then go and retrieve your item for you.  Don't be impatient. 

When buying for  resale or hold any tax exemption number the auction company will need a copy of the tax number for the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Out-of-state bidders are required to show two forms of identification: a valid, state photo I.D. and a credit card.

We accept U.S. currency,  MC / VISA, we have a 4% service fee for use of bank cards, and personal checks if known to auction staff.

All items must be paid for before removing them from the sale site.

All items must be removed from the sale site on the day of sale - unless special arrangements are made.

Auction Company and owner(s) of auction items are not responsible for accidents day of sale.

Thank You!